Wednesday, May 9, 2012

maryville portrait photography - Lila is 6 months!

Wow, I'm not sure how, but I totally forgot to blog this amazing session that we had with Miss Lila a few weeks ago! We've taken pics of Lila since she was just a newbie and now she is 6 months old! Geez time flies!

Isn't she growing into a major cutie!

So, typically I'm the one who makes the kids (at this age) laugh while Wes gets the photo. This was NOT the case with Miss Lila. This was the face she would make when she would look at me. I wasn't hurt...I totally understand...I look at myself with that face all the time! :)

Mommy gets the smiles!

We think it looks like she's praying.

She has so many expressions!

Love this one!

She loves her bear! Side note: the second photo in the set shows the only smile that she did flash my direction that day and I think it's a pretty darn cute one!

LOVE these two! That top expression is just priceless! I think I'd make the same face if I were wearing a tutu!

I think the tongue helps her concentrate on sitting up.

The toes definitely help with balance!

Thank you Lila for another awesome session! You just get cuter and cuter every time we see you!


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