Friday, May 4, 2012

Maryville Portrait Photography - Free Sessions Weekend continued

Okay, as promised, here's more pics from the "free session weekend" that we did a few weeks ago! 

Up first, we have more doggies! I LOVE big dogs and I definitely met my match at this session with Blueberry the Great Dane! He was accompanied by his quite smaller buddy, Tater Tot.

What a beautiful dog!

His profile reminds me so much of Scooby Doo!

I like a dog that can look me in the eye!

Love this one!

Dance, Tater Tot. Dance!

This is Angie, Blueberry and Tater Tot's human. :)

Thank you Angie for bringing your kids out to play today! We had a great time getting to know these guys even though I'm pretty sure that my hands still smell like hot dog treats! :)

Up next we had former wedding clients, Jenna and Jason and their newest addition, Jackson! We love when we do a couple's wedding and then they call us for baby pics when they start growing their families!

Happy Family!

Had to do the squishy kiss face.

Such a cutie!!

Dig this outfit.

Some daddy and mommy lovin'.

Thank you Jenna, Jason and Jackson! It was a lot of fun hanging out with you all again!

Next on the list is the Miller family. We've taken photos of the Miller's now for a couple of years. This session was extra special because they will be using these pics in their adoption book as they are praying for the opportunity to add to their already adorable little family!

It's awesome seeing our client's children grow up from one session to the next and Cameron here was no exception!

Trying to make mom nervous by leaning too far out over the water!

Guess how old Cameron is??

Some sunflare love!

As always Millers, it was so nice to see you guys! Thank you for being awesome clients!

Lastly, we meet some new clients! This is the Sink family and they told us up front that they like to have fun and really like the "more laid back and candid pics". We knew right away that we'd be a perfect match!

You know it's going to be a fun session when it opens with a family dog pile!

Some sibling love!

It's really not every day that a client climbs a tree for a shot!

You know though, that when it comes to brothers and sisters, one can't climb a tree without the other one doing it too!

Kids never like seeing their parents make-out.

The session ended with a nice, friendly chicken fight!

Thank you Sink Family, it was great meeting you all. Hopefully you'll make future appearances on our blog!

Once more, a huge thank you to everyone who came out to participate in the "free session" weekend! Stay tuned to the blog over the next couple of weeks because there are some great sessions coming soon including an engagement session that ended in a paint fight, one of the cutest newborn sessions ever (I can say that since I am the little girls' adopted aunt), and an Old City session with a beautiful senior!


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