Monday, May 7, 2012

Maryville Engagement Photography - Casey and Geoff

Happy Monday everyone! If you aren't having a great one then hopefully these photos will help change that and add a smile to your face!

Meet Casey and Geoff! We'll be doing their wedding photos later on in the year and after this engagement session, I know that the wedding is going to rock! Casey emailed me asking if it would be okay to have a "paint fight" at their e-session. Are you kidding?! I was super excited about this idea! So we found some awesome friends of ours who let us use their field and we were ready!

Casey wanted to start out with a few more "traditional" photos before we got messy!

You know I love to shoot through things. :)

Casey has recently started keeping up with Pinterest so there are a few Pinterest inspired props that she brought to the session!

Good thing she did!

Love this one!

This is such a cute idea!

They were awesome at the close-up, real-life, lovey-dovey shots!

And let the the paint fight begin! I love how Geoff tossed up the bottle of paint, caught it, and immediately started squirting it!

Love this!

Handprints! :)

The finished product!

Thank you for a VERY entertaining session Casey and Geoff! Now our expectations are super high for what's going to happen at the big day in a couple of months!


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