Sunday, November 13, 2011

Maryville Portrait Photography - The Mobley's V2.0

Are you ready for some MORE major cuteness? Today it's cuteness on a different scale because today you get to see Frank again! We did family portraits for Laura, Craig, Frank (and Seamus) last year and it was great to get to work with all of them again!

Family portrait complete with Seamus (Frank's stuffed dog)!

A little belly scratchin' lovin' for such a good boy!

I love this one!

Love this one too!

Super cute!

You know that if there's any tall grass around then I'm gonna lay in it for a pic!

Wes getting funky!

Probably my favorite.

Super HOT!!

Kids and dogs, man. They just love Wes and he ends every session playing!

Thanks Mobley family! We had a blast hanging out with you guys!


Laura said...

I love how you called Frank a "good boy." Another wonderful session! Thank you!

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