Thursday, November 17, 2011

Maryville Portrait Photography - Hannah

Okay, Wes says that I'm not allowed to use the word 'cute' anymore. So, today's blog post features Hannah, who is adorable! :) Hannah's dad, Chris, is our pastor at Hope Community Church and it was an honor to photograph his family. He and his wife Jean adopted Hannah when she was just 7 months old from Ethiopia. She weighed under 12 lbs when they first brought her home! She sure has grown into one healthy little girl now!

Their adoption story actually inspired our church to team up with a children's home in Ethiopia called Lola. It is a great organization and you can click the link to learn more about it and possibly make a donation if you feel led!

Now, on to some adorable pics of Hannah!

Per usual, we start things off with a happy little family pic!

Followed by a little eye-jabbing action for dad!

Then a little "tackle daddy" time! I had to put this one on here because I know that Chris will LOVE the fact that his butt is on the blog! ;)

Hannah is very active and she would be really still for about 10 seconds for a quick pic and then take off running at full speed! Wes had to be super fast with the camera!

The many faces of Hannah! This still isn't all of them though!

Love that smile!

"Pbbbbbtttttt!" (or however you spell that)

Love this one!

I have no idea what Wes did to illicit this response, but I love it!

We ended with a nice little attempt to tackle mommy, who then retaliated by catching her and swinging her up in the air!

Thanks Carpenter family! We had a great time with you guys! See you Sunday! :)


Jean said...

These are AWESOME guys!! How in the world are we supposed to choose??? Thank you for doing this with us! It was fun for sure! Wes did a great job capturing Hannah's personality too! :) HA!!

Kathy said...

Beatiful pictures! Love the color, the smiles, and especially the people in these photos!! Awesome!

Science Worksheets said...

Kid is so cute. Excellent shots and wonderful pictures!!!

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