Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Maryville Portrait Photography - Newborn Lila

Beaches last week and babies this week. That's going to be our new slogan… Beaches, Brides and Babies! We were blessed with the opportunity to photograph the newborn of one of our favorite couples of all time, Dawn and Curt (who you might remember from the double maternity post last month). These two are an amazing couple with an amazing family that is now growing and growing!

Mommy and her beautiful daughter.

And baby makes three. :)

Curt loves his motorcycle (his other baby, he proclaims) so he wanted to do a few of him with Lila on the bike. I tried to convince him to put her in that little bag under the headlight and take her for a spin, but he wisely told me "no".

Curt is also a drummer, so this one was a no brainer. :)

Sweet Lila.

Dawn found this hat and we had to use it. This is my favorite.


Family piggies!

And this is the other view of the last image… something about this just makes me giggle.

Congratulations Dawn and Curt!! Lila is a beautiful little girl!


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