Sunday, November 7, 2010

Atlanta Newborn Photography - Valentine

Wait, Atlanta newborn photography? Yes and no. Don't worry, we're not moving to a new market or anything...

What happens when our best friends decide to have a baby in the middle of our busiest season? We drop everything and drive down to Atlanta to take some photos, of course! When Jeremy and Erin called us and told us that little Valentine had arrived, we knew the only thing to do was a mini-roadtrip and a newborn session. They didn't ask us; we just went as a surprise. And I'm so glad we did. We love these guys and it was an honor to be with them in the first few days of new babydom. Plus, it was a chance for Danielle to work on her newborn photo skills (and she did fantastic!).

Such a sweetie!

Big sister Zyanya holds her new little sis. When ZZ (as we all call her) was born, Jeremy and Erin lived in Denver, so we didn't get to do any photos of her until she was about 6 months old. She and our oldest, Maddie, are best buddies now whenever we get to visit.

I love Valentine's look on her face. It's like, "I just spent 9 months in a belly and now you stick me in a basket? What the crap?" Danielle brought a ton of cute baskets, hats, and blankets. Our little car looked like something out of an episode of "Hoarders".

But I'll admit, all that stuff made for some cute photos!

I didn't want ZZ to feel left out, so I did a few photos of her and her baby. I think this is her "cheeser" smile. :)

Baby on a box!!

Little frogger.

I let Danielle borrow my hat for this one. What? I look cute as a button in this thing!

Sleepy baby.

One of our favorites. We tried to pose her in her sleep, but she was so out of it. You don't get any more relaxed in a basket than this!

But we finally did get her arms tucked in there for a less "passed out" look. ;)

Congralations Erin, Jeremy and Zyanya!! You have a beautiful little addition to your family!! I'm so glad we got to photograph her and I can't wait until we see you all again!


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