Monday, November 2, 2009

Knoxville Maternity Photography - Katelyn's Pregnant!

Our friend Katelyn is pregnant! Katelyn and Robbie were one of our couples from 2007 and we became instant friends. So close actually that Katelyn, who is a nurse in labor and delivery at Ft. Sanders, helped out when Danielle delivered Amelia (at UT... Katelyn wasn't "on the clock"). I remember joking with her during the middle of the labor that she probably didn't foresee herself being on the business end of one her wedding photographers during a birth way back when she signed us.

We were very excited to do a maternity session with Katelyn and Robbie last week at Campbell Station Park. Katelyn was a little hesitant to the idea of doing a session, but I think she realized how valuable these photos will be to her and her new daughter in the future. I know women usually don't feel particularly pretty when they're pregnant, but I honestly believe that a woman is at her most beautiful-est (oh yeah, I'm making up words) when they are pregnant.

Anyhoo, here are a few of our favorites from their session...

Aren't they cute?

A little see-thru willow action.

We found a little fall color walking the trails at Campbell Station Park.

It's definitely fall.

Katelyn had seen this somewhere else and wanted to give it a try. Before some of you smart alecks ask, Avery is the baby's name. :)

I <3 this one!

"Hello in there!"

This was my other absolute favorite of the day!

Thanks Katelyn and Robbie!! We can not wait to meet little Avery. Be prepared blog readers, cute baby-ness coming soon!


Coming next: Misty and Matt's Dara's Garden wedding at Dara's Garden.


Beth Collins said...

I love these! Especially the one with the scrabble blocks. I still pull out, & show off, my pregnancy pictures you all did for me & Robert's just turned 6! I know she'll treasures these forever.

Wes Hope said...

Thank you so much Beth! It's great to hear that you still enjoy your maternity photos after all these years. :) I'm pretty sure you were our very first maternity session!

mintasa_clippingimages said...

love these so much! amazing captures....

Clipping Path Outsource said...

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Makayla Charleston said...

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