Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ginger's Kids

Greetings everyone! We have some big news (and no, the baby isn't here yet... 5 more weeks we hope). We've recently joined forces with the newest children's resale boutique in the area, Gingerly Dressed. Here's the deal, Ginger, the owner, has two adorable little kiddos and one very cool shop that had some blank walls. Have you figured it out yet? We did a session with Marc and Brynn last week at their home and we're planning on hanging some of our awesome canvas gallery wraps in the store to not only highlight our work, but to show off her good looking kids!

So coming soon we'll post some photos of the canvases hanging in the shop, but until they come in, how about checking out some of our favorites from the session:

Brother and sister. They get along great! Well, at least they did during the session. :)

Marc looks so grown up.

And check out little serious looking Brynn.

The next two have a nice old photo feel to them.

The next [insert famous violinist's name here].

And the next [insert famous pianist's name here]. (Can you tell I slept through music appreciation in college?)

Marc and Brynn kept falling down (on purpose... I think) while I was photographing in the doorway. So instead of fighting it, you shoot it!

A little lawn mower race. I tried to convince them to swing by our house and tackle our jungle, but no dice.

A boy and his trucks.

Brotherly love means squeezing the crap out of your little sister (oops, I said crap).

If you need some beautiful homemade boutique items, gently used clothes or new baby gift ideas be sure to stop by the shop in Alcoa. Don't forget to tell them we sent you!

Back to work... more sessions coming soon!



Julie said...

Wonderful series, full of life, energy and love. Love it!

Jeremy Martinez said...

Wes, you are an amazing photographer.

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